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Signature Line


The Roberto Duran cigar combines the best quality tobacco fillers from Nicaragua and the Latin American region with our super-premium Habana Criollo colorado wrapper, produced in our plantation in Ecuador. We are very proud about the superiority of this wrapper in terms of texture, sweetness and the famous Colorado Color.

 The blends has been carefully balanced to perfection by the team of tobacco experts at Nicatabaco factory in Esteli, resulting in a very enjoyable medium to strong and progressive flavor experience that you won’t forget.


Ecuador Habana Criollo




Nicaragua and other Latin American tobaccos.


Puntica 4 3/8 x 46
Rio Toa 5 x 52
La Punta 6 x 54
Tainos 6 x 56
Cacique Guama 6 x 60
Salomon 7 1/4 x 57

Each cigar is hand-rolled by experienced rollers, who only specialize in a particular size. The cigars are then carefully checked for quality and age in our “escaparate” (our climate controlled cedar room) for months until they’ve aged long enough to bring out the excellent taste for you to enjoy.

Are you interested in our premium cigars? Download the full catalog  Full Catalog (4.2 MB)